Craft Cannabis

Experience New Highs

Maximum Potency

We specialize in only the finest cannabis strains. Hand-selected by our breeding partners for high THC, terpenes and bag appeal.

Fantastic Terpenes

Our strains deliver some of the best terpene profiles found in the state of Michigan.

Legendary Cannabis

Our nationwide network of top cannabis breeders finds us the best of the best cuts of cannabis available.


Legendary Cannabis Strains

Sour Apple Cobbler

A beautifully bright green and frosty bud, smelling of fresh baked goods. This strain is perfect for a day at the beach or getting things done!

Strawberry Cake

A sensory overload. Impossibly wonderful fruity flavors shine through every bud.

Danky Kang

Super dank, super potent. With total THC 28-32%, terpenes 2.5-3%, This GMO cross will hit you hard!

Legendary Lime

Nearly 25% THC and over 4% terpenes and beautiful dense buds. This is an experience like no other.

MAC Frost

A cross between the legendary strains MAC 1 and Jack Frost. Beautiful dense buds with purple hues and an amazing fruity/cakey aroma.

mint cannabis strain flower pic

Afghan Mint

Dense and flavorful with a subtle minty aroma. Our breeder’s cut of Kush Mints x Afghani is one-of-a-kind.


Striving to Produce the Best Cannabis in Michigan


No corporate profits funneling out of state. 100% of revenue stays right in local Michigan communities.


Every plant matters. Every bud matters. We hand-sort every bud and flake off any leaves or stems left behind from trimming. If we don’t love a bud, it doesn’t go into a bag!

Locally Owned

West Michigan Lakeshore family-owned and operated.

Who We Are

The Legendary Leaf Inc was founded by two families with a software background and a love for the cannabis plant. We are a family owned and operated facility, and we focus on the absolute best quality available.

Our Philosophy

Every bud matters. We monitor each plant every day to ensure every bud receives the care it deserves. We know every bud we produce will be enjoyed by someone. If we don’t love a bud, it doesn’t go into a bag!

Our Mission

To provide best-in-the-nation cannabis experiences to every adult in Michigan (21 and up, of course!). To give back to our communities by helping to build parks and support libraries.


Feedback From Our Customers
John Doe
    John Doe


    The Legendary Leaf’s Sour Apple is the best weed I’ve ever experienced! Give these guys a try ASAP!

    Jeniffer Doe
      Jeniffer Doe

      Casual Consumer

      I love the Strawberry Cake. The smell and taste is the best in the market. Cannot recommend this enough!

      Claudia Doe
        Claudia Doe

        Testing Agent

        I’ve seen thousands of commercially available strains. The Legendary Leaf has the best cannabis I’ve ever seen or smoked.

        Steven Doe
          Steven Doe


          I love the Sour Apple when I play Fortnite. If I am looking for something relaxing when I play a laid back game, I choose the Legendary Lime every time.

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